Our Mission

Cornerstone Consulting Group’s mission is to provide transformational solutions for Christian Schools and ministries. What that means for our clients is a desire to provide ways to assist Christian schools to focus on the heart of their ministry to children and the community.

Cornerstone Consulting Group was founded with a passion to serve Christian schools through special event fundraisers. We have recently broadened our services in order to better serve Christian schools in a variety of ways as described on our services page. This stems from a desire to see Christian education not merely survive in this slow economic climate but to flourish and grow as schools take seriously their commitment to advance the kingdom of God through excellent intellectual education and spiritual formation of children.

In addition to the practical reality of a school’s needs (financial, faculty, facilities, etc.), Cornerstone Consulting Group seeks to provide ways to support our clients as they interact with donors and supporters of their ministry. We have been stretching ourselves as a company to move from traditional transactional fundraising as it applies to Christian schools and look holistically at donors to Christian schools in terms of their heart for the ministry and their reasons for giving to the cause of Christian education. This will result in a workshop on Transformation Giving to be launched in the late-winter.