The #1 key or principle in fundraising is that people give to people based on a relationship and they will often give if they are simply asked. There is usually no need to sell overpriced cookie dough or wrapping paper. The fact that you, or your son or daughter, have a relationship with a family member, a business associate, an acquaintance, or the next door neighbor is often enough to have the person make a donation to your organization even if they person does not know anything about your organization. In other words, let’s say that your daughter is raising money for her soccer club. It is quite possible that simply by knocking on the neighbor’s front door and asking for a donation, that the person will make a donation even if nothing is provided in return. People often assume, incorrectly, that they have to provide something to the donor in return for the donor’s donation. This is simply not true! As long as there is a prior relationship, many people will make a donation to someone if they are asked. But that’s the key: people are not mind-readers! Therefore, to obtain a donation on behalf of your organization, people must be willing to contact their friends and family and give them an opportunity to give by…ASKING!