fountain_pen2Following are testimonials from just a few of our many clients. Also provided are references from people/schools that Cornerstone’s president, Herb Rawling, worked with prior to starting Cornerstone (these people/schools are identified with an asterisk ‘*’). Click on the icons to the right of each testimonial to read the entire reference letter (PDF file), listen to an audio testimonial (mp3), or to view a video testimonial (YouTube).We respectfully ask that you do not contact these individuals until you have contacted Cornerstone. As administrators, executive directors, board members, and pastors, they are very busy…wearing many hats just like you do. We would be happy to refer you to schools or ministries that are similar to your school or ministry after we have had an opportunity to discuss your needs and our program.

Cary S. – New York
“Throughout the process, we found Herb and his staff to be extremely helpful. Their experience and encouragement were key to a successful campaign. The cost involved with this partnership should actually be described as an investment.”


Cindy N. – Iowa
“Although we could have attempted such a fundraiser without Cornerstone’s help, we believe that their experience and expertise made it a much more successful fundraiser. They were faithful to encourage us, answer our questions, and keep us on task. Their materials were a great help…”


Tim Connor* – Director of Development – Grace Academy (TX)
“Relying on Herb’s leadership and expertise, our school implemented an annual ‘Golf & Walk’ fundraising event in 2006 that not only is our largest fundraiser monetarily, but also does a tremendous job of enhancing school unity and spirit. I enthusiastically endorse Herb Rawling and his company, Cornerstone…”


Michael B. – Virginia
“Our school took a tremendous step of faith to trust Herb to take our small deposit and turn it into usable capital. We were thrilled with the results. We raised more than enough to cover the amount we needed to replace the gym floor, and we believe that Herb Rawling’s work led to that success. I recommend [Cornerstone] without hesitation and would hire them again if given the opportunity.”


Charles S. – Florida
“He [Herb Rawling] is very knowledgeable of methods, ideas, and concepts that can be used to help any organization in their fundraising efforts. He is a man of Christian character and principle in his work ethics. He knows how to act quickly on what needs to be done as well as to stop to listen to the client’s suggestions and concerns.”


Susan L. – Virginia
“Working with Herb and the Cornerstone team has been a wonderful experience. They are available, professional, and knowledgeable about their program. Herb conveyed to our parents not just the concept behind Cornerstone’s program, but the Biblical basis for fundraising.”


Tedd T. – Pennsylvania
“Cornerstone Consulting Group helped us garner the help of our entire school family. The bottom line was that this was our most successful spring fundraiser.”


Johnny S. – New Mexico
“One particular benefit in partnering with Cornerstone was not having to reinvent the wheel. It was reassuring to know that Herb was a phone call away. The other important thing to remember is the accountability that comes with Cornerstone. They continually check to see if your school is meeting the deadlines and if there is anything they can do to help you stay on track.”


Cheryl M. – Arizona
“Looking back, I am glad that he [Herb Rawling] persisted in meeting with us. I knew as a church and school we were against fundraising activities that were perceived as a ‘beg-a-thon.’ Instead, we found Cornerstone’s approach to fundraising to be unique, fun, and most important, biblically-sound.”


Ken N. – New York
“Herb is a personable, professional, and effective consultant in the realm of aiding organizations to raise funds for their institutions. He exhibits focus, care, and concern for the people he is working with and makes himself available with creative, flexible ideas.”


Larry Bock* – Board Chairman – The Kings School (CT)
“I want to thank you personally for all the support you provided and for being so helpful and encouraging during our fund raising program. [Your] frequent communications, professional leadership, direction, and encouragement, helped us achieve success from both the standpoint of goals achieved and the intangibles experienced.”


Mark V. – New Jersey
“Herb is very knowledgeable about the fundraising challenges facing Christian schools and ministries. With Herb, however, you will not get a ‘one size fits all’ approach to fundraising; Herb has been able to take into account the unique needs and culture of our school to tailor the fundraising program to our specific needs.”