With over 150 years of combined real-world experience, our team of professionals at Cornerstone Consulting Group can help your Christian school or ministry address organizational challenges related to fundraising and development, board/governance, and administrative issues including personnel, finance and budgeting, facilities, and marketing. For Christian schools, we can also assist with school mergers, new school start-ups, and head of school searches.

Special event fundraising campaigns are a great way for schools or ministries to raise funds for short-term financial needs or special projects. Cornerstone has partnered with Christian schools on dozens of successful Serve-a-thon, Walk-a-thon and Golf and Walk events. The Cornerstone event format can also be tailored to a distinctive special event of a school’s choosing such as bowling or bike riding. In addition to the amount of money raised, a Cornerstone special event provides a means of adding excitement and fun to fundraising and succeeds in unifying the entire school community.

Cornerstone can also work through a special event or consult separately on developing a Biblical and/or Transformational approach to fundraising. The mindset of growing givers versus finding donors is transformative not only for the immediate Christian school community or ministry but also for all of those touched by the school/ministry through fundraising. For more information on Transformational Giving, please click here.

Christian schools often need assistance in creating a Development Department, launching an Annual Fund or Capital campaign or merely establishing development or fundraising strategies and policies. The Cornerstone team offers decades of combined experience to assist schools at a variety of levels of development maturity. Whether coaching board members on overall development/fundraising strategies or instructing a new Director of Development, Cornerstone professionals are able to discern and meet a wide range of development needs.

A properly organized and knowledgeable school board will result in direct and indirect benefits for a Christian school staff and community. Cornerstone services for school boards range from guidance on organization of committees and by-laws to assistance with mission and vision casting and strategic planning. Transformational Leadership is a one day seminar offered by Cornerstone providing board members with practical knowledge as it relates to a board member’s role vis-a-vis mission, function, structure, funding and legal concerns.

Regardless of needs, from sending press releases or engaging the community more regularly, Cornerstone can assist with public relations for your Christian school. Building civic or community partnerships is an additional area of specialized marketing that Cornerstone professionals can assist Christian schools to develop.

Administrative Needs
New and seasoned Christian School Administrators alike are often overwhelmed by the varied responsibilities that surface daily on the job. Curriculum and personnel issues alone require full-time attention, yet the reality of finance and budget issues, accreditation requirements, facility audits and other school-related concerns sometimes require mentoring or coaching from outside the school community. In addition to being a resource for these and other matters, Cornerstone professionals with years of Christian school administrative experience are beneficial for helping new school administrators, assisting with a Head of School search and are skilled with school mergers when the need is evident.

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