Christian School Consulting

Cornerstone Consulting Group has an experienced team of current and former Christian school administrators capable of helping you with any challenge facing your Christian school. Our consultants typically have 25+ years of practical, hands-on experience working in and running Christian schools and dealing with the entire spectrum of school administration. Cornerstone can assist you and your school with:

Board/Governance Issues
– Strategic planning
– Board organization including guidance on developing standing and ad hoc committees
– Development of institutional by-laws
– Board member roles and responsibilities
– Mission/Vision casting
– Head of School search

Administrative Issues
– Finance/Budgeting
– Facility audits
– Personnel: hiring, termination, policies, compensation
– Administrator coaching (especially for new or aspiring administrators)
– Accreditation: national and regional

– School mergers
– New school start up
– Community partnerships
– Public relations

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