Fundraising Consulting: Special Event Fundraising Campaigns


A Cornerstone special event fundraising campaign will likely be your school’s most successful and exciting fundraiser ever!

If your school has not conducted a pledge-driven event in the past, partnering with Cornerstone will allow your school to maximize your fundraising ‘return-on-investment’ by eliminating your learning curve and benefitting from Cornerstone’s extensive fundraising knowledge and experience.

On the other hand, if your school already conducts an ‘a-thon’ type fundraising event, such as a serve-a-thon or walk-a-thon, you will still want to analyze the financial benefit in partnering with Cornerstone. Schools that we have worked with have increased their fundraising results 200% to 500%, or more, simply by following our program!

For example, one small Christian school in southern California conducted their own ‘Race for Fitness’ for many years and typically raised about $5,000 with 65 students. In the spring of 2009, the school partnered with Cornerstone and was able to raise over $23,000! In fact, the school partnered again with Cornerstone in the spring of 2010 and succeeded in surpassing their 2009 total despite a decrease in their enrollment; 50 students raised over $25,000!

Another inspirational and successful fundraising story took place in New England in the spring of 2010. A small Christian school of 40 students conducted their first Cornerstone ‘serve-a-thon’ and raised over $36,000!

So, why should you partner with Cornerstone? In a word: RESULTS!

In fact, we are so confident that you will raise more money by partnering with Cornerstone versus doing an event on your own, that we guarantee our results! It is true that no client who has followed our program and has made a reasonable effort has ever lost money. You literally have NO RISK in partnering with Cornerstone.

Below are brief descriptions of our most popular event formats…

Meal Pack-a-Thons

We are able to serve a variety of organizations and will help you reach your fundraising goals while providing an approach to fundraising that will simultaneously allow your organization the opportunity to serve the less fortunate in your community. Your participants will raise funds through personal sponsorships, but instead of walking or jogging as in traditional walk-a-thon, they will instead gather together to pack a minimum of 10,000 meals to the food insecure in your area.

The primary focus of a serve-a-thon is for students to live out, in a tangible way, what they are learning about serving others. Service projects generally focus on working in the local community such as cleaning up a park, removing graffiti, collecting canned goods for a food drive, or going to a local nursing home to sing songs and visit with the residents.

Many schools are familiar with the traditional walk-a-thon event. This is often the easiest event to organize, and therefore, may be the best choice for schools that are a bit short on volunteers or time. While your school can no doubt put together a successful walk-a-thon from a logistical standpoint, the more important question is: “Are you maximizing your fundraising potential?”

golf_event_smallGolf & Walk/Golf & Serve
If you have golfers in your midst, you may want to consider a serve-a-thon or walk-a-thon combined with a golf event for those that like to golf. A Cornerstone golf event is a pledge-driven event where golfers raise funds for your school by sending out pledge letters or requesting donations online.

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