Transformational Giving For Christian Schools

Cornerstone Consulting Group desires to assist Christian Schools not only with their funding needs (whether through a special event, annual fund or capital campaign) but also to help equip parents, leaders of the school and all past, present and future donors to invest in Christian education on a deeper level. The transformation we want to help facilitate is to move people from thinking only of their time, talent and resources as something they give up, but more as an investment into a cause they believe in, namely the spiritual formation of children through Christian education.

Cornerstone is in the process of developing a 3-hour seminar on Transformational Giving to train schools to lead, teach and coach those who have given to their school financially to view their giving as more than just a monetary contribution. This course will prepare Christian schools to evaluate how God is providing for his people through their school. In addition, the course will help schools move to a more biblical view of fundraising and present ways to coach those who are the main supporters and advocates of their cause whether they are parents, grandparents or others with a vested interest in the mission of the school.

This seminar may prove to be the most powerful catalyst for radical change in thinking about fundraising as you guide donors to see their giving as an offering to God through your Christian School. As Eric Foley stated in a blog post on Transformational Giving, “God is less concerned about our donations and more about who we are becoming as we make them.” Cornerstone’s Transformational Giving seminar will be the start of assisting your school to train others to support your cause and to share their excitement in your cause with their personal network of family and friends.

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